Since the beginning of the 1990's, Tulip Enterprises have been one of the pioneers of the club art of Berlin.

They created a visualisation of techno culture with their fluorescent and phosphorescent paintings. These paintings by the Tulips have become considered iconic of the culture within the techno club circuit at the start of the ’90’s. With this exhibition in MAMA the public could become familiar with the roots of club art as if they were actually in Berlin at the time.

For this happening, MAMA was rebuilt into a club. During the exhibition, the public could amuse themselves with the specially built ‘light organ’ that lit the paintings in different ways. The changing lighting plan altered the appearance of the paintings.

The Exhibiotion Space as Club: Nach_bar
Florian Wurz and Jeroen Jongeleen presented their Nach_bar (Nigh_bar) during the opening and for three Friday evenings afterwards. The invited an artist to contrast and host a bar for each of these evenings. Lucio Auri (Berlin), Marc Bijl (NL) and DJ Alien (NL) subsequently put their touch to the MAMA club.

The followers of Jeroen Jongeleen and Florian Wurz’s Nach-bar consisted largely of individuals from the traditional art circuit. Because the Nach-bar, a work of art, was additionally a café, an interesting combination of clientèle’s existed. The Nach_bar crowd mixed excellently with the club scene crowd who descended in large numbers to take in the club art. Thus (Club) MAMA served as a social meeting place and exhibition space simultaneously. The artists who hosted the bar were given a free hand, could rebuild or change the rules.

Insektenbar (Insect Bar)
The Berlin artist Lucio Auri made an ‘insect bar’ where two guest DJ’s appeared appeared together to simulate an east Berlin bar circa 2000.

Marc Bijl transformed the Nach-bar into an illegal liquor store. He sold strong drink from behind bars. Meanwhile, rancid Hungarian porn played in the background.

Op 78 toeren
DJ Alien presented his project, ‘His Masters Voice’. Swingbeat, jazz and polkas could be heard on a 78-revolution dj system. This dj system is a collector’s item, a predecessor of contemporary disco equipment.

Curated by Boris van Berkum with the contribution of Tulip Enterprises, Lucio Auri, Marc Bijl, DJ Mark, Jeroen Jongeleen & Florian Wurz, Goodwill, DJ Dirk, DJ Alien


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