MAMA presents an exhibition in collaboration with the Dutch Photo Institute; Japanese Amateur Photography.

The exhibition ‘Out of Photographers’ is based on photomaterial from the eponymous Japanese glossy magazine. The idea behind the magazine is simple: Yonehara posts an invitation for anyone to send him snapshots. Yonehara makes a selection form the submissions. These are subsequently organised according to a category of reportage along which lines the magazine the magazine is designed and published. The glossy is read worldwide, but is particularly sought after by Japanese 16 year old girls. Blow-ups of the best snapshots give a realistic and intimate view into Japanese life.

The exhibition is presented in typically Japanese pop colours: yellow and magenta. This colour scheme also echoes the invitation. The receiver of the invitation can fold it so that a miniature version of the actual installation, “the office of Yonehara” is created. Within the “office of Yonehara”, fitted with inflatable furniture and decorated with various amateur photos in cute frames, one can see the video works of these omni-artists and read all of the editions of “Out of Photograophers”. The office was designed by the architect Nicole Maurer.

Yonehara stumbled on the idea for “Out of Photographers” four years ago when he was working for the magazine “Egg”. Through this magazine with a popular following amongst Japanese schoolgirls, he came into contact with this group in his capacity as a journalist. Yonehara discovered that practically every girl carried a compact private photo album with her. These snapshots showed events at school, friends, outings and hobbies. For the girls, the content of the photo was central: the snaps must represent their lives as fully as possible, ‘pretty’ or ‘ugly’ were just a secondary matters. It is exactly this quest for content that gives “Out of Photographers” a greater power. The magazine acts as a faithful and private photo album for the Japanese.

The practice and position of Yonehara is experienced as refreshing and contributes to the discussion about alternative exhibition “spaces”. In the case of “Out of Photographers” the magazine serves as an exhibition platform for image culture.

A report on the Dutch Photo Biennale was published in “Out” magazine, 2000, no. 13 and “Relax” magazine, June 2000.
The interview that MAMA undertook with Yonehara was published in the compilation of “Out of Photographers” 5/5/2000 ISBN002-YN1

Yonehara is editor of a range of Japanese magazines; “Relax”, “Egg”, “Out”, “Brutus”. Delta were invited to design the cover of the very popular, “Relax”. In addition, four pages were given over to Delta’s work. After Delta, Luuk Bode was invited to design the logo for the newest publication, “Sperm Kid”. The Rotterdam artist, Jeroen Jongerleen and Martin C. De Waal are now also attracting a lot of attention in Japan, represented by Yonehara.

Yonehara is also responsible for three articles in different Japanese magazines such as “Studio Voice” through which attention is drawn to Machine (formerly Dept.), 75b, Delta, Luuk Bode, Zedz aand Mauere Architects.

Curated by Boris van Berkum with the contribution of Yasumasa Yonehara


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