A computer-generated moving picture by Arno Coenen

A hallucinogenic drive through Real-Virtuality, through the hyperreal landscape of signs of the Far West, equally tasteless as colourful.

The virtual camera immersed in the symbols of the America’s lowest – white trash, Ronald Mc D., suburb paranoia, domestic violence -. Is it ketchup that engulfs the screen or is this blood from our grease filled veins?  This new nightmare scenario was produced on the road by Dutchy Arno Coenen – working as a techno-nomad with a laptop and video-recorder he modelled A new type of ‘Digital Road Movie’ while actually driving down the trash littered roads of West Coast America. In  “THE LAST ROADTRIP” Coenen satirises the system ‘…and all that other crap that inevitably surrounds you in America’.

Arno: During our stay in the US, I hired a car, took my digital camera and laptop and started driving around the country. All the impressions I got during this trip tried to capture in the digital video clips and in 3D models. I modelled during the trip on the laptop. It worked like a 3D sketchbook. The installation “The Last Roadtrip” a old Chevrolet will be the counterpoint of the installation, you can get into and see the impressions projected on the windows. In the west part of the States everything is based on the car, and it’s all new. The only older, historical phenomenon you encounter is the car. It’s also a kind of escape medium. In American movies you see this all the time, the moment when people get into the cars they go mad, the strangest things start to happen. I had a similar experience during my roadtrip. The only folklore in America is the car, it’s about the only thing that is authentic about America. I could maybe have also projected it onto hamburgers, come to think of it.

Last Road Trip

This critical and hallucinogenic report projected on the windscreens of a (real!) Chevy is the main ingredient of the installation in MAMA’s showroom. The Hypnotic techno trax added by DJ Dione completed the attraction. So come mama and get in that old Chevy.

Are you ready to experience your ‘last road trip’ ?

Curated by Jeroen Everaert with the contribution of Arno Coenen, DJ Dione, Klaartje Pander, Rene Bosma

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