The well-known format of Frequently Asked Questions. Below you will find a list of questions that are regularly asked about MAMA. Cannot find the answer to your question? Don’t hesitate to send us an email.


MAMA is a platform for visual culture and young talent – a gateway for young makers at the cutting edge of contemporary art and popular culture. MAMA makes exhibitions, books, and magazines, organises performances and events, presents and represents young artists at home and abroad, and is part of an international network. Founded in 1997, MAMA provides a platform for the expressions of new subcultures and countercultures.

MAMA’s programme is rooted in youth and popular culture and takes place in areas where broader cultural developments – social, technological, economic – become visible within contemporary art practice. New tendencies often emerge outside of the institutional context – online and offline, the private sphere and public domain. This setting is where collective activity thrives and where culture and creativity can manifest beyond institutional consent. MAMA closely follows the developments of a young generation of artists, striving to achieve this through invitation, support, and development.

Above all, MAMA is a community. MAMA works together with a large and diverse group of emerging professionals: Team MAMA. They provide feedback, solicited and unsolicited, on our content and the direction of the programme and the organisation. Many have become staff members or participated in our exhibitions and projects. Our supporters – both organisation and audience – are actively engaged, ambitious, and articulate.

MAMA scouts, welcomes and coaches talent during the first years of their professional development. Emerging culture professionals are offered the opportunity to develop themselves on the job. At MAMA talent development is engrained in all activities the organisation undertakes; from exhibition programmes to educational programmes; from the marketing and PR to technical implementations. This provides emerging talents with the opportunity to manifest themselves wholesomely. It is the culture professional of tomorrow that shapes MAMA’s activities.

MAMA’s investment in talent is personal. We pay attention to individual developments and interests. We adapt our methods of guidance to the wants and needs that arise from within Team MAMA and we function as a platform where talents can showcase their creative force. This way we aim to contribute to diversification of culture production and ‘cultural confidence’. Meet Team MAMA here.

MAMA is able to invest in talent thanks to enthusiastic and adventurous partners. Sponsorships can provide that little extra push which an artist needs to reach the next phase in their professional development. By producing artistic programmes on a commision basis we share our expertise and add to the experience of Team MAMA’s talents. Or by utilising special collaborations we can add some extra spice to existing brands. For culture organisations that want to integrate education and talent development in their activities we offer tailor-made programmes.

Interested in investing in MAMA, aspiring professionals and the future? Or to start a collaboration, on any front? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Most definitely! We are a small but ambitious organisation, and often enough we need to deal with the realities of politics, subsidies and economical developments. If you feel connected to MAMA’s ideas and want to support our cause we would be ever so grateful. By pledging your hard-earned money to MAMA, you will be guaranteed that every euro donated flows directly into activities that stimulate the growth and development of the culture professionals of tomorrow. If you are interested in becoming a MAMA-sponsor and have any additional questions whatsoever, please contact MAMA’s Director, Nathalie Hartjes, by calling 010-2332022 or through email. Below you will find the details needed in order to make a donation.

It is important to note that any donation made can be deducted from income or corporation tax. Please visit the Tax Office website for more information about the conditions.

Bank: Triodos Bank NV
IBAN: NL66 TRIO 0338 6641 65
Statutory name: Stichting Public Art Squad
BTW (VAT): NL 8063.70.051.B.01
KvK (Chamber of Commerce): 24272758

With pleasure. In honour of MAMA’s 21st birth year and because reinventing oneself, in spite of the fleeting madness that life is, remains important, we collaborated with HOAX in 2018 to develop a completely new visual identity and logo.

In addition, HOAX has developed a typeface especially for MAMA. They baptized this font the Franklinstein Fat Roman. The design of the new logo is a homage to the original MAMA logo that we have used with pleasure for over 21 years. It is a firm logo that fittingly plays with the idea of ​​being an institute. And that we hopefully will be using for the coming 21 years!

Cannot get enough of the classic MAMA logo? Then quickly buy a pin, before they are sold out!

Download our logo for both web and print here.

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