A programme around the municipal elections

Local politics often feels quite distant, even though the decisions made at the municipal level have the greatest impact on many fronts on our daily lives. But still, municipal politics don’t make the headlines very quickly, because what is decided in one city may not have the same importance for people on the other side of the country. Do we actually know what the situation is in our own beloved Rotterdam? What do the parties in roffa have in store for us? And also, how does it actually work? What does a “gebiedscommissie” do and what power does a neighborhood council have? And what actually happens at city hall?

From 7 to 19 March, MAMA is organising a programme around the municipal elections of 16 March. Between 7 and 11 March, we, Team MAMA, will be delving into the local party manifestos to pick out the viewpoints that affect or represent us and our audience the most. In collective collaging sessions, or real-life meme-ing, we are going to think inside the box. Positions on the six important themes of Housing, Poverty, Art & Culture, Anti-Discrimination, Climate, and Education will be presented onto the windows of the showroom. The public is cordially invited to participate and give their reaction to these viewpoints via emoji-voting. In addition, we will organise a municipal politics 101 lecture, a campaign poster making workshop, and close on Saturday, 19 March, with a round circle on the results of the elections.

Organised by Nathalie Hartjes, Maria Mombers, Fay Sekeris


7–11 March, 3–6 p.m.
Thinking Inside the Box
Collective collage sessions, bring your old magazines!

12–13 March, 12–5 p.m.
Pro-Posters II
DIY desk for creating and printing your own election posters
Poster printing workshop by PrintRoom
Parallel to Art Central Rotterdam XL – Art Weekend

Upcoming: elections in Rotterdam! Do you know what is happening in local politics today? Which issues are at stake in our daily lives in this city, from housing to climate to culture? Whose interests are being voiced in council policy plans and party manifestos? What moves YOU?

We welcome you to join us at MAMA for a poster printing workshop. We will install a DIY desk for making and printing Risograph posters with the PrintRoom team. This is the perfect moment to not only discuss the forthcoming elections but learn with others in an informal setting – about what’s going on in Rotterdam, express concerns, make jokes, and learn about riso printing as a creative and activist means to playfully express ideas. GO VOTE!

We’ve invited Cengiz Menguç, Teuntje Fleur, Janneke Absil, Katta Rasche, and Fela Walvisch to design posters and get us in the mood.

19 March, time to be confirmed
Hangover or Celebration?
A roundtable conversation

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