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A one-hour talk show in which program makers Berksun, Giovanni, and Sebastiaan engage in conversation with each other based on a selection of questions about their process and experiences. The questions are prepared in advance by the program makers, not shared with each other, and presented to each other through the use of a grab bag.

With the different backgrounds of the program makers, each question will be approached differently.

Sebastiaan Hoogstraaten was the program maker of POWER OF WHO! The exhibition “POWER OF WHO!” explored the way games can be a mirror of society and a means of demonstration.

Giovanni Maisto Ferreira was the program maker of Touch Me, To See Us. In Giovanni Maisto Ferreira’s “Touch Me, To See Us,” consensual and loving touch reclaim ground from digital connection and the fear of physical contact.

Berksun Çiçek was the program maker of Nane Limon Kabuğu. By combining contemporary issues of origin with reclaiming practical cultural practices that have healing effects, she opens the conversation about the meaning of the word healing.


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