"The Shape of the objects that we added to the space play a very important role in creating a specific atmosphere."

Scenography occupied an important place during the 2022 program pool. Such was the case with Naomi Brusselman’s The Big Homely Space With a low-stimulus museum experience as her goal, programmer Naomi enlisted designer Vivian Huizenga. In the following videos, she talks about her artistic choices.

From the 9th of September till 22 November, MaMA’s showroom hosted The Big Homely Space: an exhibition on the role of design on the experience of art. Using her own experience as a starting point, visual storyteller Naomi Brusselman told a story about overstimulation in public spaces. Based on extensive research among a neurodiverse community and the different ways people can experience art, The Big Homely Space combined stimulating works of art with a soothingly arranged exhibition.

Videographer – Thomas de Boer
Interview – Femke van Zanten

Naomi Brusselman has a background in advertising and works as a director. Creative collaborations and infectious enthusiasm drive her work, allowing her to capture various societal topics in clear visual language.


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