''There's a real situation, so I'm documenting real situations. This kind of BINGO situation...''

MAMA invites the performance interview duo SandWitzto interview some of MAMA’s artists of 2013. The series starts with Oscar Murillo (Colombia 1986). Murillo creates with his installations and performances situations in which people, belonging to different social-cultural communities, are brought together. Murillo touches upon themes such as difference between class and people, by merging the symbols of these different groups and by playing with their hidden codes. His paintings capture the fluent moments of memory, such as his childhood in Colombia or the performative events he created, and their ever-changing connotations. Oscar Murillo has created for MAMA Ossie’s Bingo Boutique, in which visitors can play bingo and win vintage t-shirts from charity shops that the artist upgraded to Comme des Garçons pieces.

SandWitz is a performance interview duo with Jesse van Oosten (1986) and Dieuwke Boersma (1985). SandWitz changes the rules of an interview and lets the interviewee decide where the interview will take place. Further, the interviewee decides on the appearance of the interviewers and can go as crazy, intelligent, poetic, or plastic, as he or she wants to. As a result, a new taste of interviewing is created, one that gives access and triggers a new content and conversation.

SandWitz: ”Choose or describe your ideal interview location.”

Oscar: ”Surprise me!”

SandWitz: ”Decide or illustrate what you would like us, as interviewers, to look like.”

Oscar: ”Surprise me!”


At 6 a.m. SandWitz was ready to celebrate Oscar’s ‘Kids Surprise Birthday Party’. Dressed in French Fries outfits with matching yellow faces and golden glistering high heels, they woke artist Oscar Murillo in his hotel bedroom at 8 a.m. and invited him to his own fictional birthday party in the hotel lobby. After celebrating early that morning – with a decorative chair for the birthday boy, festive hats for everyone, chic festive champagne, cake, dancing and of course some salsa – the SandWitz duo and Oscar settled themselves in the hotel lobby to talk about family, bingo, hidden agendas, and party dictatorship. 

Read here more about the festive reception and the rest of the morning interview.

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