From a 24-hour jigsaw puzzle marathon (with mandatory karaoke breaks), a beach library with artist publications, to a music festival.

MAMA presents a series of happenings from August 3-14 against the backdrop of camping-meeting-festival-ground-meets-urban-beach. I <3 CAMP invites a colorful group of artists to create and submerge summer leisure activities together. During the ten days of fun, beach time, marathon and puzzling Tomas Mutsears places the fabulous merchandise, designed by Mike Moonen, Tanja Ritterbex, Marianne Hotske Hamersma en Benjamin Li, in a summery sultry setting.

supportimage_universe_i-3-camp_16-08_02-2Towel design by Tanja Ritterbex, 2016
supportimage_universe_i-3-camp_16-08_01-2Towel design by Mike Moonen, 2016
mailimage_universe_i-3-camp_16-08-2Towel design by Wayne Horse, 2016
supportimage_universe_i-3-camp_16-08_03-2Marianne Hotske Hamersma, Ultra Sensational Agression, 2016
supportimage_universe_i-3-camp_16-08_04-2Benjamin Li, Nr. 39 met rijst kipblokjes met pikante saus, 2016
supportimage_universe_i-3-camp_16-08_06-2All The Cunning Stunts, ''The'' Gayze Off!!!, 2016

Photos by:
Tomas Mutsears

Design of the towels by:
Mike Moonen, Tanja Ritterbex, Wayne Horse

Design puzzle:
All The Cunning StuntsMarianne Hotske Hamersma, Benjamin Li


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