The line between physical reality and the digital domain is blurring more and more. Thanks to lightning-fast developments in technology, we are at the dawn of a new world. In this new world, memes have a major role. A role to share humor, connect, spread a message or advertise, for example. 

Immerse yourself in the fusion of the digital and the real world during the meme presentation by NRC journalist Süeda Işik at Nieuwe Instituut around the exhibition Portal Park by programme maker Maria Mombers, also known as CEO of Portal Park. During the evening, Işik and the audience will explore the intertwining of shitposts and journalism, the blurring of the boundaries between the online and offline worlds and how Gen-Z uses the Internet as a form of self-expression.

Süeda Işik
Süeda Işik is a journalist at NRC. In her work she focuses on what the boundaries are between the real world and virtual worlds. In her weekly meme column, Isik dives into liminal spaces; interviewing individuals behind shitpost profiles, and explains why certain memes, for example a meme about a specific Honda dealership, work so well.

Photo by Lin Woldendorp

Portal Park welcomes you in a new world in the heart of Rotterdam – a play paradise, a staged reality, a place of illusion, disillusion and possibility. Programme maker Maria Mombers uses the internet is an inexhaustible source for connection and content and poses the question: how do you move forward in a world where it is no longer clear what is real and what is not? And more importantly, what if that difference no longer matters?

With work by: Lena Kuzmich, Emily Mulenga, Vincent Snijders and Zuza Banasińska.

Maria Mombers (1998) is a visual artist, designer and teacher with a fascination for pop and internet culture. With an interest in the social side of the online domain, she searches digital environments for content of which she believes belongs in a contemporary art museum. Her findings are as funny as they are bizarre. Not the technology itself, but our relationship to these new developments, are central to her work.

Language: English
Location: Nieuwe Instituut
Tickets: 10,-/5,-/0,-


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