On the 23rd of October the opening of the exhibition On Collective Care & Togetherness took place. We want to thank those of you who have visited the showroom and tuned into the livestream recording of the opening talk between the participating artists and moderator Joana Cavaco. You can find more about the exhibition here and watch the stream below. 

During this program Marlou Fernanda will give a performance that is part of her video “I Carry The Weight” that is on display in the exhibition, followed by a roundtable talk between the artists.
The artists will have a conversation about their work, self and community care, creativity during quarantaine and radical softness. The talk is moderated by Joana Cavaco.

More about Marlou Fernanda’s performance:

“In this performance I confront myself with the reality of living in my own bubble, and I repeatedly shout: “I have to do everything on my own!” I symbolically carry the weight of the table on my back, and shout that I have to do everything on my own without actually asking for help. In this performance I give you a peek into that part of my mind. The way you look at me during the performance is the way I normally look at the world – by looking and not being part of it. I have often felt alone and left out, and I think this is one of the reasons that I turned more inwards. The more often you repeat the words “I have to do everything on my own” the more you start to believe it. 

This is the materialisation of those words and I use this performance to look at myself through my own eyes. Through this performance I confront myself with this thought and what it actually looks like when I think this way and say these words out loud. I want to get rid of this mindset and continue to grow, but first I need that confrontation.”


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