Een episodische performance in 17 akten

And what would you even do when you created that masterpiece?
Your Magnum Opus wants you raw cold and milled (phase 1)
Your Magnum Opus wants you soft clean distilled (phase 2)
Your Magnum Opus wants you in flames in gold killed (phase 3)

Magnum Opus is a three day performative collage of sound, dance, fabric, actions and schnapps. It investigates labour, transformation and the mystical in relation to everyday reality. Analysing the creation of a masterpiece in an experimental manner, it guides one through the necessary phases of decomposition, cleansing and exaltation. In the whole various figures appear, among them a failing tightrope walker, a corpse, a dramaturg and a writer that has to finish his thesis within three days. Is completion possible?

The works of REB/de Vries hover between the symbolic and the meaningless, the actual and the virtual, the sacred and the banal. They explore and question the possibilities of post-reality and daily life to subsequently worship/besmirch/transcend them in their performances.

They weave ideas, objects and actions together and align them in performative structures, while the artists play with meaning and have all elements assist in the creation of the emerging narrative.

This performance is supported by MAMA’s NETWORKS programme and can be experienced at the The Performance Show during ART Rotterdam.

With thanks to Mher Brutyan, Alistair David Franenberg, Martyna Małysiak, Durk van der Meer, Veronika Muravskaia, Maria Sartzetaki, Nienke Wind, Otis Carpay

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