During Intersections MAMA premières a new interactive game-installation by artist Lilith Zone (US). Oneiric Gardens has been praised in the underground game scene and is finally presented for the first time outside of the United States.

In Oneiric Gardens you wander through a series a chambers, drawn from half-remembered spaces and feelings. These chambers look like houses, but once you are inside turn into labyrinths and entire worlds unto themselves.


During Intersections visitors are invited to play Oneiric Gardens. The game is presented in an installation that slowly draws visitors into the game. Elements from Lilith’s illusory game world surround the computer in an exciting installation die makes it possible for visitors to visit Lilith’s visions In Real Life. If you search well enough you can find hints that help you reach further into Oneiric Gardens.

Lilith’s games explore dark and lowbrow humour, the serene and the occult, the sober and the destructive. Her games don’t adhere to the general unwritten rules that most games take into account. Even though Lilith makes use of recognisable game-imagery, economies and visualiations, she always twists around the ways these function inside the games. Lilith describes her own games of dreamscapes or surrealistic version of her reality. Her games have no other purpose outside of finding out how the game responds to your actions.

Lilith Zone creates games, comics, video’s and much more. The games she released independently are, amongst others, Crypt Worlds, Oneiric Gardens, Lost Town and Symbol. She often works together with musicians and other game makers. The majority of Lilith’s games are published, even those not fully finished

This project is made possible by: Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Curated by Marloes de Vries. Oneiric Gardens is a game by Lilith Zone.

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