Since 2000 there has been an increasingly visible phenomenon within the popular image culture: sticker culture.

Growing out of the graffiti movement, the graffiti writers have moved over to the production of stickers, spray stencils and self-produced posters. In 2003 there were over 100 distinct sticker artists active (in Rotterdam).

MAMA is particularly fascinated by street culture as a cultural phenomenon within the broader contemporary image culture. The underlying question here is whether it reaches and art form. It is a creative undercurrent which is manifested in ways independent of the institutionalised circuit. As Oles said in an interview with de Telegraph, ” the city is an exhibition space that should be completely filled.” A subculture that provides a rich breeding ground for the broader image culture.

The organisation and production was in the hands of Joost ten Bruggencatte and Chris Versteeg. They developed and produced the programming of ‘Under Construction’ in collaboration with the Lastplak crew at MAMA’s invitation.

The contribution of the London Police was particularly notable: they installed a number of periscopes in the showroom in such a way that when the visitor looked into the periscopes, she could see drawings and posters that they had placed outside in Witte de Witstraat, on the neighbouring liquor store, on the nearby parking garage and on the roof of Witte de With.

In light of this exhibition, a debate was organised in collaboration with Cool Politics at Zaal de Unie. A follow-up exhibition was organised for The Strip in Vlaardingen and a series of workshops in collaboration with SKVR and in the programme of Planet Art in Enschede. As a result of ‘Under Construction’, the television programme, ‘Nova’ broadcast an item on Dutch sticker culture.


Curated by Chris Versteeg & Joost ten Bruggencate with the contribution of Aedding, Dstruct, Lastplak, OE Tietenmonster, Oles, the London Police, Mr Serious


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