We aim to compile stories about tenderness, hope, taking care of both one another and ourselves, togetherness and fun

Publishing House Chaos joins forces with Leana Boven and MAMA for the publication of a collection of essays and short stories centred around the themes of (collective) care, tenderness and community. The publication will be released as part of the exhibition On Collective Care & Togetherness, which will run from 23 October to 20 December at MAMA’s showroom.

The crowdfunding is done through Voor de Kunst.

Chaos and MAMA started this crowdfunding campaign in order to secure sufficient funds to cover the costs for printing and production regarding this publication. For this collection of essays, we aim to compile stories about tenderness, hope, taking care of both one another and ourselves, togetherness and fun, but we would also like to include works containing critical analysis of current systems of suppression. We hope that this publication will lead to new perspectives as to how collective care can materialise and we would like for new ideas regarding sustainable infrastructures of care and solidarity to be included in it.

With this publication, we would like to give voice to authors and opinions that would otherwise not be heard and we would like to financially support the works of these authors. We will select the authors for this publication via an open call audition, which runs until September 16 and can be viewed by clicking here – for this publication we are only accepting contributions in Dutch.

Who are behind this publication?
Publishing house Chaos will publish this collection in collaboration with Leana Boven and MAMA. Chaos is a feminist publishing house, the only one of its kind in the Netherlands. Their goal is to publish works that broadly fit into the intersectional feminist framework. In other words, through this crowdfunding campaign we want to give a voice to women, people from the LGBTQIA+ community and people of colour.

MAMA is a platform for visual culture and young talent. MAMA is based in Rotterdam and is well connected nationally and internationally. MAMA aims to discover artistic talent actively involved in both the identification and acceleration of social change. MAMA creates a platform for these young adults where they can showcase their work via publications, podcasts and performances and where they can engage in educational projects, debates and workshops.

On Collective Care & Togetherness is curated by Leana Boven. The official opening of the exhibition will take place on 23 October 2020 in MAMA’s showroom.

Why crowdfunding?
This crowdfunding campaign enables us to not only cover the costs for printing and production involved with this publication, but also to pay the authors an honest compensation for their work. Due to Covid-19, living and working conditions have become precarious for many authors. Considering this, we find it especially important to support talented young authors and to create opportunities for them.

We aim to have 500 copies printed for this publication. By publishing this collection of essays and stories, we aim to give a voice to 4 or 5 (young) writers and to also pay them for their work. The publication will be available at MAMA, the website of publishing house Chaos and a range of selected book stores.

About IRL

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