In this workshop you co-create part of an artwork for MAMA's exhibition Climate Knowledges

Together with artist and researcher Jessica El Mal (UK) you will be researching a history of legal treaties, geo-political policies, economic and ecological developments, and land acquisitions, affecting the area between the European Union (EU) and North Africa. What will we uncover about the true motives behind land ownership and the resistance to this on the ground?

Grounds for Concern delves deeper into the history of borders and land acquisition, and explores the cultural and collective potentials of how to rewrite what we think we know about the world. In this workshop, research is used as an artistic tool against division and property.

About the installation you will be creating
Participants will create an installation of the mapped research. This ‘new installation’ will be the centre piece in Jessica’s fabric hangings, which will be on show during Climate Knowledges. Jessica’s work illustrates the contested territory between the EU and North Africa – the result of the workshop is a collaged display of the group’s focus on the ideological lines drawn between the continents Europe and North Africa.

About Climate Knowledges
Climate Knowledges invites you to challenge today’s mainstream discourse surrounding climate change and to rethink its histories, presents and futures. For more information about the exhibition, please click here.

This event is guided in English, but all languages are welcome. Participation is free.

Everyone is welcome, from students to families, and whether you have a background in any one of these fields, or interested in the themes. A reasonable travel bursary is available, please indicate if you require this by emailing

Please register for the workshop by ‘buying’ a free ticket in our ticketshop.

This workshop is part of Climate Knowledges, which is programmed by Angela Chan of Worm: art + ecology and can be visited from 7 March 2020 until 3 May 2020.

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