A 2-day workshop with Kwinne Lê
2020-10-29-10-52-10-1-2-2Photo by Kwinne Lê.

Flags have historically been used in a multitude of ways. Whilst in its multiplicity, several questions arise: Can you be represented by a generic symbol? Where do the borders of the represented area or group end?

In a 2-day workshop, participants will create a flag through storytelling. Whether linguistically or visually, the focus will be on storytelling as a way of release.

On the first day, we will depart from the personal through a series of exercises where the senses will be altered and the body will be activated. On the second day, we will delve into storytelling as a way of communal connection.

The workshop will conclude with a walk towards Showroom MAMA where the flag will be carried by the parade.

“Through deviating our everyday manners to non-everyday manners, I want to reveal stories that are not always visible. They reveal themselves mainly in performances, installations, and poetry (though sometimes taking shape in many more forms). The body is at the core centre. Once the body morphs, the way and the extent to which someone dares to be vulnerable changes. This affects another core element in my practice, which is language. In connection with language, I look at its use as a way of inclusion and exclusion. By distorting the body, you deal with language differently, and so your presence to others.”


About IRL

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