Expect a full length interactive performance

A remake is a retelling of a story that was shared before, but with a twist. While the general scripts and characters are similar to the original story, details are often updated for contemporary audiences

During A Different Director artists Fran Hoebergen, Krista Smulders and Michiel Ubels present you their remake of a church service they attended the 29th of September in the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk. On that date, nearly two months ago, the visited the church for the first time. From that moment on that dubbed it ‘the original’.

On the 24th of November, expect a full length interactive performance which incorporates elements from the original. With guest appearances by the Laurens-church’s regular preacher Bernard van Verschuere, a ski-instructor and a lot of video cameras in an arena setting. We promise you: you have never seen anything like this before.

The live remake starts at 19:00 sharp and will take about one and a half hours. After that there will be some time to share thoughts, food and drinks. So please, bring something to share!

Free entrance, this event will be in Dutch. This event is organised in collaboration with de Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk.

This event is part of Various Exhibition Titles and functions as the show’s finissage.

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