Willem de Haan

“My name is Willem de Haan and as an artist I am trying to make humble tributes to the daily situations I sometimes find myself in. A long time ago I thought the perfect tribute to a subject would be a good joke about it. After a few attempts I found out I would probably never make a good joke, ever. Instead I tried to get stuck on the the alienating point that precedes the funny and reflective moment of a good joke.

It’s not even as bad as it might sound. Finding this point of alienation in the joke making process allows me to call myself a lucky man who keeps it real. Most of the subjects and situations in daily life are already very confusing on their own. While a good joke makes its audience reflect on a (before) confusing situation, a good tribute tries to maintain the confusing value of its subject. Indeed, it’s all very much about appreciating the things in their true sense.

If you would like to talk about all this and more you can meet me in exactly 7 year and 4 months. I will be at the lake in the city park of the small Danish town Skanderborg. Walking up to the Kulturhuset every now and then to use the bathroom and order a coke. This last thing of course is just an excuse for the first. It would be great to see you there.”



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