Comical actions and object that do not need to be imagined, but are present in-real-life

The Concrete Comedy Club serves you: jokes in real life! During a classic stand-up comedy night the comedian (hopefully) talks about comical scenarios which need to be imagined by the audience. The artists and comedians that are invited for The Concrete Comedy Club work with comical actions and objects that do not need to be imagined, but are present in-real-life. The result is an experience which blurs the boundary between the scripted joke and the strangeness of daily life.

Since the beginning of the last century the audience has been made an active part of comical situations which take place in real life. Think about Karl Valentin, who – after many stage performances – designed a theater in 1934 which was specifically reserved for comical remixes of daily objects. An other prominent name in the scene is Andy Kaufman, whos performances merged with his everyday life so often that his worldwide followers thought his death in 1984 was a part of his act.

The location for this event is Club Haug (Boompjeskade 11, Rotterdam)

Tickets are available in the ticketshop. For MAMA-followers this code can be used while buying tickets for a discount: MAMALOVESCOMEDY

This event is in Dutch!

Line Up:
Maarten Bel
Dante van Elburg
Dragan Glamočić
Steven de Peven
Ronald Snijders

MC: Willem de Haan

The Concrete Comedy Club is part of the exhibition Various Exhibition Titles, which can be visited until November 24.


Open gallery
Concrete Comedy Club (2019) - Hilde Speet

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