Tonnie Heijdra

“Greetings! My name is Tonnie. I’m currently in the fourth year of Fine Art and Design in Education at the HKU, in Utrecht. Somewhere on the edge of this city of rent my homey home. There, I’m regularly welcomed by two chickens just before entering the front door. I wished they where dodos, but dodos went extinct four centuries ago, so I try to enjoy the chickens.

From September 2019 onwards I’ll be in Rotterdam three days a week as an MAMA-intern. I’ll be helping with the development of Team MAMA and MAMA’s education programmes. Looking forward to this!

I’m interested in the role of the audience. An artworks is more than an object; an artwork is also about the relation it has with its environment. That is also the reason why performances and interactive installations make me so happy – and why I love MAMA so much. Lang live accessibility!”