Tomas Mutsaers

What is your background?

‘Sitting on my couch writing this bio it’s a white wall with a framed thermal blanket.’

Why are you interested in art?

‘The only way I know how to think about the world is in photographs. It calms me down that I know how to frame the things I see or how I want them to be seen. Being able to show the stupid and strange ideas I have. The reasons why are all very self-indulgent.’

Why are you interested in MAMA? 

‘MAMA has been there for me for the last four years. It’s a place to experiment, grow and exchange ideas. (People reading this; join).’

What is your favorite species of animals and why do you admire this species?

‘The long-wattled umbrellabird because the name explains the bird very well.’

Where do you see yourself in seven years and four months?

‘While writing this bio I am already in an existential crisis so I can’t think longer than what my month will look like. Hopefully in seven years and four months I can look ahead in life and feel at ease, being calm with knowing and not knowing what will be become of me in the future. Probably not.’