Auditief performance-onderzoek naar de onontkoombare realiteiten die het 'moderne leven' vormgeven

On the 4th of October 2019 MAMA hosted its first Operator Radio Show and invited programme maker Willem de Haan (famous for the Various Exhibition Titles exhibition) and Jesse Brinkerhof to perform in the studio. They brought with them a whole range of politically charged audio recordings (dealing with Donald Trump and fake news), popular songs and fragments from animated films; which are, wanted or not, part of the reality that we live in. In short, the audio performance was an investigation into the inescapable realities make up what we know of the ‘modern world’. Guaranteed 100% reality check! Listen to the entire radio show here, or watch the video-recording of Willem’s and Jesse’s performance below.

Phot: Jesse and Willem during Reality used to be a Friend of mine (by Tomas Mutsaers)

Willem and Jesse were invited onto the show in the context of Various Exhibition Titles, the exhibition which takes the ideas of different versions of reality and the power of suggestions as its main focus.


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