Joey Verberkt shares his life with everyone who connects with him.

Showroom MAMA proudly presents Joey Verberkt’s first solo show. Joey builds a personal world that is simultaneously located in ‘real life’. In this world, which looks like an art inventory from a poetic thrift store, passers-by give artists food and vice versa. Joey’s work consists of photographs, collages, paintings, tape cassettes and live action. Joey Verberkt shares his life with everyone who connects with him.


Verberkt’s installation at Showroom MAMA combines all of his working practices and is a place for the public to have a meal with him. On the last day of Gewoon Normaal (Just Normal) Joey Verberkt will publish a new book bringing together his impressions of the project.

People can sign up for breakfast (Saturday 26 January 26 at 10:00), lunch (Wednesday 13 February at 12:00) or close the exhibition with a dinner (Sunday 3 March at 19:00).

To subscribe for a meal with Joey, email stating ‘Eating with Joey’, and your preference of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Please note: the meals are pay events.

Saturday 26 January at 10:00: € 3,00

Saturday 16 February at 12:00: € 5,00

Sunday 3 March at 19:00:

Due to insufficient registrations, we have decided to cancel the dinner. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Together with Oscar Murillo and Jon Rafman, Joey Verberkt starts off MAMA’s new program. From 2013 MAMA’s program comprises three strands of related content.

In ‘All Together Now’ the focus in on ‘participant activated’ installations and performances in which public participation plays a role, but the artists are the catalyst of the events.

In the theme ‘Eyes Wide Open’ we seek artists who incorporate social, political, and economic reality into their work.

The third strand of content is called ‘Internet Aware ‘ and focuses on online and offline art and culture, where objects and images cannot be understood without knowledge of the systems, symbols, and possibilities created and offered by the Internet.

Curated by Gerben Willers with the contribution Joey Verberkt

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