Ordinary situations including a humoristic undertone yield an exceptional, sometimes controversial view on reality.

MAMA presents the photo exhibition Muddguts Meets Homebase . The resemblance and contrast between the photography on the American photo blog Muddguts and the work by Dutch artists Boudewijn Bollman, Michelle-Aimée van Tongerloo and Kirsten Wilmink is the central theme of this exhibition.



Whereas in Muddguts’ work the personal environments of the photographers and fringe figures of American society are emphasized, the Dutch photography shows a more investigative attitude. New and unknown worlds are recorded. Nevertheless, for both ‘Muddguts’ and ‘Homebase’ the focus is on the extraordinary phenomena of daily life. Ordinary situations including a humoristic undertone yield an exceptional, sometimes controversial view on reality.

Muddguts’ snapshot like photography loves to omit logic and rejects the desire for progress. Titles are missing, curators Stefan Simikich (co-founder of Muddguts) and Mark Cross present themselves and other artists anonymously as part of the collective.

Ook de Nederlandse kunstenaars in Muddguts Meets Homebase nemen de wereld met een onbevooroordeelde en vrije blik in zich op. Dit wijkt af van de meer gangbare conceptuele benadering in de huidige fotografie. Het werk in Muddguts Meets Homebase staat eerder in een fotografische traditie met voorgangers als Ed van der Elsken of Joel Meyerowitz.

In Muddguts Meets Homebase is er extra aandacht voor twee fotopublicaties. In MAMA wordt exclusief het Amerikaanse tijdschrift Hamburger Eyes Photo Periodical verkocht. Boudewijn Bollmann maakt speciaal voor Muddguts Meets Homebase een nieuwe editie van zijn fotomagazine Twisted Streets waarin hij, in opdracht van MAMA, zijn blik op Rotterdam werpt.


The Dutch artists in Muddguts Meets Homebase also take on the world with an unprejudiced and liberal point of view. This deviates from the more common, conceptual approach to contemporary photography. The work on show in Muddguts Meets Homebase is in line with the photographic tradition of predecessors like Ed van der Elsken or Joel Meyerowitz.

In Muddguts Meets Homebase additional attention is paid to two photographic publications. MAMA exclusively sells the American magazine Hamburger Eyes Photo Periodical. Especially for Muddguts Meets Homebase Boudewijn Bollmann creates a new edition of his photo magazine Twisted Streets in which, commissioned by MAMA, he casts his eye on Rotterdam.


Producers of the exhibition

The Muddguts part of the exhibition is compiled by Stefan Simikich and Marc Cross. Stefan Simikich is photographer and co-founder of the photo magazine Hamburger Eyes Photo Periodical. Mark Cross (aka mark mark mark aka cake) is artist and publisher of the Muddguts zine.

Homebase is produced by Karin de Wild in collaboration with Otto Snoek. Otto Snoek coaches MichelleAimée van Tongerloo during the preparatory stage of this exhibition.

Opening Party
26 March 2010, 23:00 – 05:00
in Gay Palace, Schiedamsesingel 139
GRATIS till 00:00 (after 00:00: €5,-)

Curated by Stefan Simikich, Mark Cross (Muddguts), Karin de Wild i.s.m Otto Snoek (Homebase) with the contribution of Barry McGee, Boudewijn Bollmann, Chris Lux, Josh Lazcano, Kirsten Wilmink, Mark Cross, Matthew Bajda, Michelle-Aimée van Tongerloo, Patrick Griffin, Sandy Kim, Stefan Simikich

With support of:
Gemeente Rotterdam and het Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap.


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