Smash right through the impenetrable surface of the nearly natural, meet your inner guidance, or wander around in the magic garden of your mind's eye

The wonderful Anne Kolbe and Rowan van As present: A Piece of Marble Floats Through the Hyperreal. This meditative journey invites us to explore other ways of perceiving, by wandering off into the enclosed garden of our mind. We are very happy that Anne and Rowan are here to help us unwind in these trying times. Sit back, relax, surrender and sink in a world of soothing soundscapes, surface encounters and object intimacies. Let yourself by comforted. All will be well.

A Piece of Marble Floats Through the Hyperreal is an audio recording based on the work Anne and Rowan performed in MAMA’s showroom for the first time on 2 February 2020 during Neverland‘s project Other ways of watching together.


The audio recording A Piece of Marble Floats Through the Hyperreal was commissioned by MAMA. Originally, the work was presented as a In Real Life performance during Other ways of watchings together.

Anne Kolbe on vocals and Rowan van As provides the music.


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