Under the banner of celebrating a 100 years of the Housing Law, the City of Amsterdam organised the exhibition ‘Wij wonen in de toekomst’ (‘We Live in the Future’) in collaboration with Amsterdam housing corporations and institutional investors.

On Friday 18th May, the Urban Tetris invasion took place. Early in the morning, 25 mobile ‘viewing boxes’ appeared in various locations in Amsterdam. These elements, together, formed the exhibition ‘Urban Tetris – We Live in the Future’, an open-air exhibition that brought the solution for living space in the city of the future into focus. In the boxes, artists gave their solutions to the question of the home of the future. The design of the elements were based on the well known computer game, ‘Tetris’.

Over a period of four days, these elements ‘wandered’ to the city area of Westerpark where they became a unified architectonic sculpture on Wednesday, 23rd May on the square before the ‘Schip’ building located at 140 Spaarndammersplantsoen. On the 23rd May, the official opening took place.


Curated by Jeroen Everaert with the contribution of Frank de Bruijn, Arno Coenen, CrashComfort, Hans Kievit, Maurer United Architects


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