MaMA’s mission is to focus on the younger generation of artists, professionals, and public. We constantly introduce our young audience to contemporary art and contemporary art practice. Therefore, MaMA has a strong commitment to arts education, offering several educational programmes for participants of different ages and levels. We also offer customized workshops and guided tours, according to the participant’s demand and profile.

For younger audiences, an active arts education is an important motivation to identify with and develop an ongoing interest in arts and culture. MaMA believes in an active form of arts education based on the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and participants creating for themselves.

Generally, we ask a small compensation for our educational programmes, but we can always work something out.

Secondary & MBO (vocational) education
An encounter with MaMA is an active event. MaMA provides an inspiring visit for MBO and secondary education students. The students discuss MaMA’s activities, the exhibition, the displayed works, and complete short assignments in which they can create an association to their own interests.

– Actively experience contemporary art
– Discuss art collectively
– Are encouraged to critically examine and reflect
– Acquire knowledge about contemporary art

Practical information & contact
Number of students: maximum 15 per group
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: €40 plus tax
For larger groups, a combined visit (at extra cost) to Kunstinstituut Melly and TENT is possible. See the 100% Hedendaags Excursion programme.
For more info please contact

University & HBO (advanced vocational training)
Students can make an informative and inspiring visit to MaMA. We like to implicate them in MaMA’s program and its development by discussing (contemporary) art and MaMA’s content orientation and policies. We offer custom made visits to MaMA depending on the study and the context of visit.

Possibilities include:
– An active and informative tour of the exhibition
– An introduction to the exhibition by the curator
– A conversation about MaMA’s policies and organization with Nathalie Hartjes (Director)

Practical information & contact
Number of students: maximum 15 per group, for a total of 90 students
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: €50 plus tax (we accept the Cultuurkaart)

For more info please contact

krampus_tomas_mutsaers_character_building-2Photo by Tomas Mutsaers (Character Building, 2018)


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