''We look at how we can provide collaboration between the business world and artists.''

Tanja Ritterbex interviews Siobhan Burger and Faye Ellen about their company Arttenders


''How do they do that?''

With a Skype connection between Berlin and Rotterdam asks Tanja Ritterbex, artist and femme extraordinaire, two other power women the ins and outs. Siobhan Burger and Faye Ellen founded Arttenders together, specializing in the acquisition of ambitious art commissions for office buildings and public buildings. They talk extensively about their working methods, the handling of financial conditions and the importance of social media for artists nowadays.


This interview takes place as part of the Art Work Pays Off expert meeting, organized by MAMA on June 15 in Tent Rotterdam. In the format of round table discussions, various critical and practical issues are being discussed about the impact and potential of social media and internet for artists.

Linked event:
Art Work Pays Off
8pm -10pm
Tent (auditorium)


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