Unleash the full potential of your creative genius!

The Mind-Blowing Institute invites you to explore new dimensions. Together with two scientists you will undertake a revealing journey to unleash the full potential of your creative genius!

Workshop: Past Life Therapy Art Class by Vanja Smiljanic
Break through your mental barriers with this workshop by Vanja Smiljanic. Take part in this Past Life Therapy Art Class, pioneered by the Unarius Academy of Science, and discover who you used to be. Delve into the chronicles of your past lives – embrace Past Life Therapy, break with linear time, redefine your concept of ‘self’ and unveil the shapeshifter inside of you.

Attention: there are limited spaces for this workshop. Sign up by ‘buying‘ a free ticket.

Performance: Kamil Guenatri
During Revealing New Dimensions Kamil Guenatri presents an extension of his video installation, which is currently on display in The Mind-Blowing Institute. Kamil will beam in from another universe and create a poetic body existing in different dimensions simultaneously, while exploring notions of intimacy and nearness. Come and join him and become part of his body of knowledge.

Music: Madnix
Madnix is a Rotterdam based musician, a producer and performer who likes to combine different elements from styles within the electronic genre. The live sets showcase a fascination for styles like acid, techno and drum n bass. Live sets from Madnix are mind-bending, very danceable and full of energy!

18.00 – 20.00 / Past Life Therapy Class by Vanja Smiljanic
20.30 – 21.15 / Kamil Guenatri
21.30 – end / Music

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Our lives are dominated by the self-produced realities that we encounter on the internet and social media. This tension between fact and fiction touches upon the core of our leitmotiv IN REAL LIFE. The only way to escape the post-truth is to meet each other in real life. We facilitate these meetings in the form of readings, lectures, masterclasses, workshops, excursions and parties that tangibly express the ideas behind HOME | IN REAL LIFE | NETWORKS.


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