Challenging hegemonic music scenes

From the 25th until the 28th of April MAMA is part of POPPOSITIONS Off-Fair in Brussels. This year the alternative art fair focuses on the concept of WOKE. We are travelling to Belgium and taking one of the works from our exhibition Apa kabar? (What’s new?) with us.

Caetano is performing and showing his work Gueto Blaster Discos, a functioning sound system and piracy record shop selling music by artists from the contemporary global south. Gueto Blaster Discos is challenging visitors to participate in the colonizing aspects of dominant economy of the music industry and the western desire to consume ghetto’s aesthetics and creative production. Through selling copied CD-R’s, the artists’ music can be distributed and promoted in Europe, bypassing European importation fees. Caetano aims at sending back at least 75% of the final revenue of each CD-R sold to the artist.

Gueto Blaster Disco’s record shop brings a selection of the vast musical productions from the global south, which are being pushed down by dominant cultures, acknowledging their power and thriving originality. These many voices emerge from a political scenario where racial, gender and class struggles manifest itself beyond the spectrum of local politics and find their way to the internet, unapologetically challenging hegemonic music scenes until they cannot go unnoticed. As a DJ set Caetano occupies the space with soundscapes made out of bass, grunges, beats and anger. They evoke the entities to protect us from your innocent yet destructive desire to consume it all.

Performance times: Fri, Sat and Sun at 19:00
Location: Entrance Hall

This event is part of Apa kabar? (What’s new?), programmed by Maria Lamslag.

About IRL

Our lives are dominated by the self-produced realities that we encounter on the internet and social media. This tension between fact and fiction touches upon the core of our leitmotiv IN REAL LIFE. The only way to escape the post-truth is to meet each other in real life. We facilitate these meetings in the form of readings, lectures, masterclasses, workshops, excursions and parties that tangibly express the ideas behind HOME | IN REAL LIFE | NETWORKS.


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