A performance ritual by Magdalena Petrova

VRATI is an unconventional way of relating to each other through clay. In this work, the participant is the conversation carrier and touch is playfully explored as a transmitter of thought and emotions. The performance starts at 14:07.

Open call for participation

We are looking for shapeshifters, non-talkers, and psychic communicators to participate in VRATI, a performance ritual that explores haptic conversations. The hands being the tools, using clay as a mediating platform for conversations unspoken by words but by energy and feeling. The installation builds upon symbols of Bulgarian Folklore and investigates the narratives of rites of passage.

Join this unspoken conversation!

  • Email mmmagdalenapetrova@gmail.com.
  • There will be a maximum of 6 participants.
  • The piece will last 3 hours.
  • Each participant will get a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Remember, only what you allow to transmit to the clay is able to communicate further.

This performance is part of the exhibition Worlds between Words.

About IRL

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