Admirers of hip-hop and anime! If you had one moment, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted... would you capture it? Or just let it slip?

Apa kabar? (What’s new?) is sadly coming to an end… but we are leaving you with one last In Real Life banger organised by Team MAMA’s Carmen Bosch. On the evening of May 26th MAMA’s showroom will be the location for a very special Hip-Hop x Anime pubquiz!

The quiz focuses on the interesting relationship that Japanese anime and hip-hop share with each other; one needs only to reflect a moment on anime series Afro Samurai or the 1996 music video for Ghostface Killah’s Daytona 500 to see there is an – often overlooked – connection between anime and hip-hop.

The pubquiz explores themes such as cultural appropriation, the global mainstream, and remix cultures. How much do you know about dragonballs and 808s, bending air and spitting fire? Battle for the title of anime and hip-hop connoisseur and stake a claim for our legendary Hip-Hop x Anime x MAMA goodiebag!

Also be sure to immortalize your memory of this special evening by commissioning your very own anime-style portrait. Or just chill with your friends under the Japanese lanterns and dance the night away to hip-hop music.

The competition can be entered as followed:

  • get a team together (max. 4 people)
  • if you want us to put you into a team, let us know
  • think of a team name
  • send an email to declaring your entry!

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