Inspired by Touch Me, To See Us by programmer Giovanni Maisto Ferreira and window exhibition Lunula – Uña I Kultura by Sandra Zegarra Patow, Team MaMA* organized an event during Museumnight.

Using touch as a starting point (the overarching theme of the two exhibitions), visitors were encouraged to capture their hands in photographs via Polaroid and let the images speak for themselves:

long, shiny nails or just short and practical;

piles of mud under a nail rim;

a branched vein system shining through thin skin;

years coalescing into a solid fist;

hands are bearers of memories & stories.

Check out the result below.

*Team MaMA is everyone who contributes to the growing Universe of MaMA – both in front of and behind the scenes, from board member to volunteer. Everyone’s qualities, ambitions and interests can be brought to bear on MaMA’s wide range of projects.