Showroom MAMA proudly presents Rooie Oogies (Little Red Eyes), a group show in which ten different artists show their vision on sexuality.

Ted ‘voorheen MTC’ Langenbach

Ted ‘formerly MTC’ Langenbach is very skillful in decorating big spaces, as he proves with his new club Now and Wow. No wonder a red light booth is a piece of cake. Ted’s fascination for sex is a public secret but only very few know the undisputed King of Dance once attended the Willem de Kooning Academy! With the installation in MAMA, Ted and his Pietra travel back in time when porn came from Sweden and the Ladyshave still had to be invented.


Greasetank (Austin, Texas)

Is a phenomenon that has lurked in the darkest recesses of the Internet for a while. To dismiss this work as the dark, twisted erotica of a gay artist is to fail to see both its craft and its place in the evolution of digital aesthetics. Certainly the content of these macabre, politically incorrect fantasies makes it easy for the squeamish to recoil. And maybe we recoil even further if we’re turned on by them. Yet, how different is this work from the excesses of many trailblazing video games? Perhaps Greasetank is merely guilty of telling us of exactly what kind of fun some boys want to have with a joystick in their hands…


Madeleine Berkhemer

Too can be called a phenomenon: this Femme Universalis is a sculptor, a performer, a photographer and a movie star. All her work has a strong sexual connotation. “Art that has no sexual connotation has no reason to exist,” according to Madeleine.”What the viewer sees is the simplest, basest female empowerment, a primitive dance of biologic imperative performed on the stage of modern sexual consumerism.”


Wink van Kempen

First rate pornomane: if porno didn’t already exist, Wink would have invented it. Sex and Power go hand in hand and according to Van Kempen’s philosophy one can use just everything and anything to whip a woman with. For over a decade he has fabricated whips from the most diverse materials and objects that he finds during his trips to markets and tropical islands. In Rooie Oogies a selection of Wink’s Finest!



One of the two films we are showing in our movie theatre is the already legendary cyber-porn production Porn Droids, by artist-duo de HuMobisten. Enjoy the special effects and be amazed by the achievements of Golden Boy and Dikke Bleek.


Marcelle Price

Another fetish film featured in our cinema is Teddy girl, a production by British artist Marcelle Price. In Teddy girl, Price is starring with sticky fingers; honey plays a prominent role in her fetish.

Anyone who has seen this flick will never look at a teddy bear with the same eyes again!


Ben Judd

Mysterious, elusive, surprising and constricting: only a few terms that refer to the video ‘I love’ by the also British artist Ben Judd. Telling too much would spoil everything, so see it and judge for yourself!


Billy Childish

As a special part of Rooie Oogies we present a number of wood cut prints by the infamous rocker Billy Childish, because it’s a well known fact that sex and Rock ‘n’ Roll are indissolubly intertwined. Apart from being an inspired musician, Childish turns out to be an original dirty old man! You can check his visuals at our place and on July 2nd he is performing together with the Buff Medways at the Primitive! Festival in Waterfront.

With the contribution of Madeleine Berkhemer, Ted Langenbach, Wink van Kempen, Marcelle Price, Billy Childish, Ben Judd, Greasetank, HuMobisten.

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