The Bob project is a creative interpretation of the "world famous" Dutch "polder model" (a socio-political structure in which everyone is invited to express their view before decisions are made).

At the invitation of MAMA and R2001 ( Rotterdam European City of Culture 2001) 12 creatives were challenged to produce a new cultural product. Each creative represented one or more discipline. All artists were known to MAMA and it was coincidental that they inidividually already used cross-over disciplines in their individual artistic practice.

It was made clear at the outset, when the assignment was being disseminated that none of the creatives were to assume overall directorial control. In opposition, for example, to the way in which a choreographer might have the final say on the commissioned costumes and sets for a dance piece. It could not be a fashion show, a dance piece or a concert even though there might well be elements of these in the resulting product.

The solution offered by 10 creatives was called ‘Bob’s Total Dining Concept’. Bob is in the first instance a mobile and exclusive restaurant. This restaurant was erected once in the de luxe foyer of a theatre and another time in the exhibition space of a museum. ( In addition to the original presentation at Las Palmas as part of R2001); “Bob’s Total Dining Concept” is a multidisciplinary project. It is a mixture of a fashion show, a dance piece, a concert, a video installation. Bob has the form of a performance.

Tilburg City Schouwburg, during The Moving Mime Festival 16 October 2001
In October 2001, Bob was presented upon invitation at the Tilburg City Schouwburg during The Moving Mime Festival.
The second project in “Bob’s Total Dining Concept” was an extended and more complex sequel to Bob1.

In Bob 2 the total number of dancers grew from 2 to 7. On the creative side, a new participant, the young fashion designer, Joff, was included in the team. He delivered an entirely new clothing collection. Martin Butler made new choreography for Bob 2.

Curated by Natasa Heydra, Jeroen Everaert, Boris van Berkum with the contribution of ‘Solo Men Only’-Rufus Ketting, Arnoud van der Zijden, Vincent van Duin, Robbert Langers, DJ Goodwill, Paul Derksen, Wojtek Dziedzic, Joof, Martin Butler, Gyz La Riviere.


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