A visual conversation through short films

Smeared States‘ first satellite event is hosted by Tender Center Rotterdam. The event is orchestrated as a visual conversation – through short films – between Kerry Downey and G H O S T (Natalia Sorzano, Kari Robertson and Madison Bycroft). The evening is not held together by an overarching theme, but instead the films flow and leak into each other like an improvised discussion. The screening will be introduced by Smeared States programmemaker Lila Athanasiadou.

Screening Schedule
– Weather Report (9.41)
– All the Ills That Flesh is Heir To (16.22)
– A Third Space (7.41)
– pigs can’t see the sky because of how their eyes are placed (7.00)
– To Do List (17.26)
– Impugnando la Locura – Contesting Madness (18.25)
– How to see in the Dark (12.43)

Every exhibition in MAMA’s showroom is accompanied by several In Real Life events, which tangibly express the ideas behind the themes we are exploring. Entrance is always free, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

This event is part of the exhibition Smeared States, curated by programme maker Lila Athanasiadou, and takes place in Tender Center Rotterdam.

About IRL

Our lives are dominated by the self-produced realities that we encounter on the internet and social media. This tension between fact and fiction touches upon the core of our leitmotiv IN REAL LIFE. The only way to escape the post-truth is to meet each other in real life. We facilitate these meetings in the form of readings, lectures, masterclasses, workshops, excursions and parties that tangibly express the ideas behind HOME | IN REAL LIFE | NETWORKS.


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