Lila Athanasiadou

“I am a writer and spatial designer with a background in architecture; I am interested in the ways our subjectivities are produced and structured as a result of both linguistic codes and spatial gestures. My practice misreads and appropriates artistic, academic and architectural milieus exploring feminist and queer pedagogical practices and intersections of human, non-human and machinic languages with human and territorial bodies. I have a passion for art because it forces my work into different formats according to the context it engages with such as publications, seminars or lectures for more academic streams to reading groups, film, installations or performances for more artistic outlets. Since 2012, I have been involved in various capacities within the arts from curating public programmes to artistic productions and art writing. I don’t have a favourite animal species but I have a mortal enemy and that is the smart but shifty octopus. Yes, they’re smart, yes they could get you.”


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