Three Team MAMA members are presenting unique performances
Every exhibition at MAMA sees one of the accompanying events organised by Team MAMA, a group of talented culture makers who use MAMA as a vehicle to shine their bright lights on the world.
Connecting with the theme of climate change, three Team MAMA members are presenting unique performances during the opening of Climate Knowledges. In the current climate crisis, Western society understand the world mostly through science and tries to solve environmental problems with more scientific knowledge and more technology. If we truly want to counter these problems, we need other ways of understanding the world.
Feel free to drop by – entry is free.
ratriRatri Notosudirdjo

With the coming of modern science and technology, the mineral-rich mud contained in rivers has lost much of its original meaning. Nowadays, mud has been transformed from free-flowing into state-owned objects of control.

In Tributary, a performance by Ratri, she herself and Bintang Manira and Helen Arushanjan re-create the banks of rivers and returns them to their original meaning. You will meander through the performers, passing through three different phases in order to re-imagine the meaning of mud. And to re-root ourselves into our animistic ancestries.

Can we use the same knowledge and the same ways of thinking from Western science in other parts of the world? Valienska explores the Indonesian narrative for one of nature’s most fearsome and blessed forces: Wind. Together, we will explore the bodily consequences of Wind and share some of Indonesia’s modernized traditional practices for overcoming them.

Play with this re-authentication of different sciences, and perhaps you will learn new ways of protecting yourself from the harsh forthcoming Winds of Rotterdam!

valienskaValienska Magfira
yahaira_brito_morfeYahaira Brito Morfe

Our ancestors worshipped the sun, moon and earth. Through rituals they expressed themselves and asked for help. In the 21st century we are much less concerned with these kinds of ritual. Yahaira asks: Why? Why is it that our ancestors prayed to the sun, moon and earth and why is this no longer a part of our daily lives? And what role has colonisation played in the fading away of these ancestral rituals?

In this performance Yahaira makes an offering to the gods who have helped and protected us for aeons, and to this day still do. Without them we would not exist. Yahaira invites you to join in her ritual.


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Ratri Notosudirdjo during Tributary (Photo: Tomas Mutsaers)

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