Dieuwke Boersma

“My background is in transdisciplinary working and thinking. I merge performance art, science fiction, social practice, human rights activism, teaching and feminist philosophies to transform our social realities.  Also, I am a Rotterdammert. I am interested in the transformational power of art. Art allows and enables me to think about, make, look at and experience things differently. My favourite animal would have to be the tardigrade, also known as little water bears. I admire this species because it is strangely cute and is the most resilient creature on earth at the same time; you could say I admire its drag queen power. In seven years I live on Mars. I either have a dog named Laika Junior, named after Laika Senior, the first dog in space. Or I have a tardigrade, named Dolly, named after Dolly the cloned sheep, who is named after Dolly parton.”



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