Dicle Gulsahin

“This is Dicle. After all those questions about if culture can be managed or how come studying public administration together with arts management made any sense, it’s nice to say that I am a cultural manager who studied both. Having Bachelor’s in Istanbul and Master’s in Bologna, I am finally living the life in beautiful Rotterdam growing up under the wings of MAMA! Now an editor for MAMA’s Universe and a team member, I am just thankful for the existence of such an inclusive and reachable arts organisation in the heart of our city.

Life can be tough and boring sometimes and I would deal with that better with some sparkle at the top. That sparkle is art, which I can practice and play with. In exactly seven years and four months, I hopefully contributed a lot into artistic and cultural means being accessible to everyone, regardless of physical and social conditions. If you would like to elaborate on that, we can also discuss after one of my gigs where I will play as an all-DIY artist with my cassette tapes to small and fun crowds.

Fun fact: Technically, there are no hills in Rotterdam.”



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