During Museumnacht 010 MAMA invites you to make the leap forward and connect to The Noösphere.

The Mind-Blowing Institute provides us entry to a new dimension, where intuition, logic and imagination take hold of our actions with the help of the RGB-model of thinking; during Museumnacht010 MAMA invites you take another leap forward and connect to The Noösphere.

The Noösphere is the sphere of human consciousness and mental activity. In 1926 Edouard Le Roy, Vladimir Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin developed this concept alongside the idea that human knowledge can impact the biosphere. In fact, the Noösphere can be conceptualized as a another layer of existence, that completes the well known physical spheres such as the Geosphere, the Hydrosphere, the Biosphere or the Atmosphere. It is a “thinking’ sphere circling the earth above the biosphere, that comprises all of human reflection, conscious souls, and love.

In order to gain access to The Noösphere we must work as a collective, under the guidance of Suzana Lașcu, Jorrit Westerhof, Donatas Bielunskis, Domas Anne van Wijk, Alexander Iezzi and Henrietta Muller. During Enter the Noösphere, we invite you to actively participate in a series of performances aimed at facilitating your transition into the Noösphere. As this sphere has a strong influence on the other spheres you will notice that by entering the the Noösphere you become aware on the role humankind plays in relation to the whole of life.

The artists that are going to facilitate the transition to The Noösphere are:

20:00 Crusaders (free-improv)
Suzana Lașcu, Jorrit Westerhof, Donatas Bielunskis

21:30 Domas Anne van Wijk (performance of things | nl

23:00 ThinkMore and LoveInYourHeart (ritual/performance)
Alexander Iezzi and Henrietta Muller (usa, hu)

Enter the Noösphere is a concept by talents Ioana Raileanu and Gege Carp and is part of the exhibition The Mind-Blowing Institute. Every exhibition hosted by MAMA is supplemented by several In Real Life events, one of which is always organised by Team MAMA talents.

About IRL

Our lives are dominated by the self-produced realities that we encounter on the internet and social media. This tension between fact and fiction touches upon the core of our leitmotiv IN REAL LIFE. The only way to escape the post-truth is to meet each other in real life. We facilitate these meetings in the form of readings, lectures, masterclasses, workshops, excursions and parties that tangibly express the ideas behind HOME | IN REAL LIFE | NETWORKS.


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