'Errorism', a philosophy of life based on making mistakes

From June 4th through August 8th 2010 MAMA exhibits work by the Argentinean collective Etcétera… This collaboration consisting of visual artists, poets, puppeteers and actors, conducted by Federico Zukerfeld and Loreto Garin Guzman, was founded in 1997 and infiltrates social manifestations and conflicts.


The reports and translations of these infiltrations are transferred to mass media and exhibition spaces. The exhibition renders an overview of the past thirteen years of the collective’s existence. Photos, film and pamphlets give an account of the action. A central work in the exhibition is the Kabaret d’Error, an installation featuring black and white paintings and historical cardboard figures set in a prewar theatre, commenting on the ‘errors’ which shaped the course of world history. For their first presentation in the Netherlands the installation is adapted to the Dutch political developments and ‘errors’.

The Kabaret d’Error is inspired by Etcétera… ‘s fascination for ‘errorism’, a philosophy of life based on making mistakes. In 2005 Etcétera…. founded The International Errorists, an organization which by now has branched off globally and features independent cells. The International Errorists view ‘errors’ as the key to the development of humanity.


The installation Kabaret d’Error was on view at the Istanbul Biennial (2009) and the Cuvée Biennial in Linz. In 1997 the Etcétera… collective came into being as an action group, their performances and installations were previously on show in Europe at the Ludwig Museum (Cologne, 2004), Kunsthalle Fridericianum (Kassel, 2005) and Galerie Frank Elbaz (Paris, 2008).

With the contribution of Etcétera… (Loreto Garin Guzman & Frederico Zukerfeld)

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