Have we discovered an individual paradise or are we taking an amazing survival-trip?

Mama is cooking up a new show: Fantasy-island – exhibition Robinson

olympus-digital-camera-18-2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Imagine a world filled with colourful creatures floating around in an orange sky. A world where you can dance the night away in a circus, with muscular full-bread stallions trotting around wearing clown’s masks…Encounters with hybrid Formula 1 hammerhead sharks and a girl with hair from head to toe whom tenderly touches your hand… This is not a dream!

olympus-digital-camera-17-2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fantasy island -exhibition Robinson shows the work by 13 international artists.

On the surface these artists seem to invite us to wander around in their fantasy-world. When we take a closer look though, there seems to be more than meets the eye. This often bizarre universe appears to be constructed by the artist through a serie of rewritten laws of nature.

Have we discovered an individual paradise or are we taking an amazing survival-trip?

Curated by Boris van Berkum
 with the contribution of 
Silvia B, Kaneda Showichi, Lucy Wood, Cristian Andersen, 
Wendell Gladstone, Philip Jones, 
David Jones, Cristian Andersen, Ivo Hofsté, Martijn te Winkel, Rob Donkers, Joanneke de Meester, Han Hoogerbrugge, 
Sabine Linse and Joanneke de Meester.

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