At the beginning of 2016, the first rough version of CULTURESPORT: Rotterdam 1995 was on display at Cinerama and at the Rotterdam Open Doek Festival. The full-fledged first episode, containing a completely new scene, now debuts beyond the Rotterdam harbor in New York.

The transhistoric anime series CULTURESPORT on the use and abuse of technology and the power of art invites you to enter a parallel world. In this universe of virtual reality, the viewer is invited to return to Rotterdam in 1995, where you meet the characters and scenes of CULTURESPORT.

CULTURESPORT: Rotterdam 1995 is the first part of an American science fiction animation series. The storyline of the series is driven against the background of different eras, (music) subcultures and locations. By bringing the series to Rotterdam, MAMA ensured that the city and its ‘gabber’ culture will be given a permanent place in the international series. The first episode takes place in the Rotterdam of 1995, where two gabbers are being snared for a mysterious and dangerous dream investigation that will save the city from a flood.

The series was produced under the inspiring leadership of artist John Michael Boling and was established earlier this year in a unique collaboration with MAMA and prominent Rotterdam makers. The legendary Rotterdam Terror Corps provided part of the soundtrack, the raw Rotterdam fashion designer Nada van Dalen designed the virtual tracksuits; theater collective Urland did the voices on a translation by screenwriter Tommy Ventevogel.

On September 30, 2016 the premiere of the international co-production CULTURESPORT will take place in the Anthology Film Archives in New York. Anthology Film Archives is an international center for the preservation, study and exhibition of film and video. With a particular focus on independent, experimental and avant-garde cinema. After the film screening, a panel discussion will take place between the American makers and curator and initiator Marloes de Vries about CULTURESPORT.

In addition, CULTURESPORT will also be shown at New York Comic Con: the worldwide highlight for the comic, fantasy and sci-fi industry, amid an audience of fans and prominent actors and makers (including well-known series such as Stranger Things, The Walking Dead and Doctor Who).

The episode that will be presented in New York has been realised with the support of Stichting Volkskracht, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam Viert de Stad and The Art of Impakt.

September 30, 2016: premiere Anthology Film Archives New York

October 6-9, 2016: premiere COMIC CON
Location: Anthology Film Archives & Javits Center New York

With contributions by:
CULTURESPORT, Nada van Dalen, Rotterdam Terror Corps and Lisa Vereertbrugghen.

In collaboration with:
Stichting Volkskracht, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam Celebrates the City, and The Art of Impakt.

Thanks to:
Anne Tullemans, Cinerama, IFFR, Kunstblock, Open Doek Festival, and UNstudio

With support of:
Mondriaan Fund and the Municipality of Rotterdam


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