Chambers look like houses, but once you enter them turn into labyrinths and world unto themselves. Welcome in the dreamscape that is Oneiric Gardens

In February 2017 MAMA presented the game Oneiric Gardens by underground game-maker Lilith Zone during Art Rotterdam. In this interactive installation player could explore the dream worlds of Lilith; a both hellish and heavenly journey through all layerse of imagination.

Lilith Zone is a well known game maker in the underground game-scene. In the below video gamer Vinny takes you on a playthrough of the game.

Want to play the game yourself? Check Lilith’s website here.

Note: Oneiric Gardens was spotlighted again in April 2020 because, every now and then, we want to lose ourselves in absurd words where viruses are only imaginary.

This story was realised in the context of Oneiric Gardensthe interactive game installation which MAMA presented during Art Rotterdam 2017.


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