An Online Writing Workshop with Bani Amor

“Borders and carceral systems have been abolished; imperialism, capitalism, and white supremacy have been dismantled; reparations have been paid to Afro-descendants, and land has been returned to its original stewards. Though we are still healing from the wounds of domination and the mindsets upholding them still linger in our consciousnesses. Those who were held back can now move freely, and those who had unlimited access to travel no longer hold on to the generational wealth that once allowed them to. So how do we travel now, if at all?”

Join New York-based gender/queer travel writer Bani Amor for a writing workshop in which they’ll lead us in creating a collective travelogue. This workshop is not about your writing skills, but rather focuses on thinking about alternative futures and reflecting on the language used to do so.

In an exercise to envision what decolonial futures of travel culture may look and feel like, and after examining what it means to decolonise travel culture, each participant will write a short travelogue of 150 words for inclusion in a group piece.

Following the workshop, the passages will be brought together and edited by Bani Amor and the curator of Departures, Annosh Urbanke. The outcome will be published on MAMA’s Universe with the permission of the participants. Sounds like a plan for you? Then book your spot and be part of it!

Bani Amor is a gender/queer travel writer who explores the relationships between race, place, and power. Their work has appeared in CNN Travel, Fodor’s, AFAR, and Teen Vogue, amongst other outlets, and in the anthology Outside the XY: Queer Black and Brown Masculinity. Bani is a four-time VONA/Voices Fellow who gives lectures and leads workshops on decolonising travel culture.

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