The border between fantasy and reality seems definitely history.

Gaming has never been so important in the range of experiences in this Computer-genereated world. The border between fantasy and reality seems definitely history. The World is a game and everybody plays a character. These thoughts are the basis of the groups-expo ‘Spielhalle’.

Come to MAMA and fight as a warlord in the labyrinth of Zedz-beton by the well-known 3 Delta-Maurer-Zedz. Want to be Bush or Saddam? And speech for peace or make any old declaration in front of the UN, play Pipslab’s Soap-O-Matic. Draw with the purest light in the Luma-solator. After that you can relax in Arno Coenen’s video-cabin ‘Time To Bone’. Where you can enjoy over 8 dirty animations with promising titles like ‘Ass & Titties’ and ‘Daddy is Working Late’.

Curated by Jeroen Everaert & Boris van Berkum with the contribution of Delta, Zedz, Maurer United Architects, Arno Coenen, Pips-Lab, Margarete Jahrmann & Max Moswitzer

About HOME

HOME is the leitmotiv by which we encourage conversation about conceptions regarding belonging, representation and identification. HOME is a fundament, the place you return to and anchorpoint for the journey onward. HOME (offline as well as online) is the start of feeling connect to others. Under the name HOME we also present exhibitions in the showroom of MAMA. In collaboration with young makers we express interpretations about HOME | IN REAL LIFE | NETWORKS.


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