MaMA has a long lasting cooperation with Tripiti. For years now we have been ordering all our printwork at Tripiti. The printer is housed in Eendrachtstraat 155-A in Rotterdam has a long history; just like Tripti’s always helpful manager John. No question is too weird for him and he is always prepared to think with you about creative answers to your questions. The fact that MaMA is only a stone’s throw away from Tripti makes it easy to drop in for a cup of coffee. Every time we visit the smell of inkt and the hypnotic whirring of print machines makes us feel like we are directly involved in the printing process. Contrary to the big anonymous online printers, Tripti guarantees the best quality printwork.

As they phrase it themselves: “If you are looking for the cheapest printer in the world. Too bad, we are not the right company for you, we adopt a competing price mentality but to say we are the cheapest, not necessarily. The best printer in the world then, might be a more accurate description. But with the modest the suits us we dare not make this claim truthfully.”

But MAMA does. Tripiti is simply the best printer in the world.

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