'I am not just a bimbo with big tits, I am an artist!' (boomerang free postcard)

An urgent need came out of the MAMA team to create female exhibition. This was a strong reaction to the male dominance within the MAMA programming. The interns Adi Khavous and Bert Schoemaker demonstrated that women weren’t exclusively fodder for centrefolds or beings that clean up nicely. They put together a female exhibition with the ironic title, ‘Catfight!’. They selected 3 artists who make work in the domains of new media and popular image culture. Animations form Israel, conceptual art form Rotterdam and graffiti-related art from Toulouse. Adi and Bert encouraged the artists N&N, Flashkes and Miss Van to stretch their limits and totally go for the ‘Catfight’ prize. All three competitors undertook to overwhelm and amaze the spectators.

Competitor 1: N & N
A powerful duo form Rotterdam. These dare-devils are in a state of impotence to a goal aspect to speak out. Fearless improvisation becomes a powerful weapon towards a higher end.

Competitor 2: Miss Van
Her ‘poupees’ seem possibly uninhibited and voluptuously seductive…… You will be grateful when you’ve been used by the little ‘Lulu’. The streets of Toulouse are already her domain. Will Rotterdam be her next conquest?

Competitor 3: Flashkes
Israeli freefighter. She underwent military training in the ‘Camp of Design’ in Israel. With proficiency in the area of graphic design and animation, her visuals drag the public into a world of psychedelic realism.


Curated by Adi Khavous en Bert Schoenmaker, with the contribution of N & N (Nadine Stijns & Nanna van Heest; NL), Miss Van (Vanessa Bensimon; FR), Flashkes (Hila Peled; ISR)


About HOME

HOME is the leitmotiv by which we encourage conversation about conceptions regarding belonging, representation and identification. HOME is a fundament, the place you return to and anchorpoint for the journey onward. HOME (offline as well as online) is the start of feeling connect to others. Under the name HOME we also present exhibitions in the showroom of MAMA. In collaboration with young makers we express interpretations about HOME | IN REAL LIFE | NETWORKS.


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